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United States Postal Service in Carthage works on address 521 State Street, NY 13619, opening hours can be found on the website tools.usps.com. All jobs are presented by the HR Department, to clarify special conditions by phone number +1 800-275-8777. Read reviews on the website related to the main events in Carthage: Establishment, finance and post office.

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521 State Street, Carthage, NY 13619
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Phone number:
+1 800-275-8777

Establishment   Finance   Post office  

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United States Postal Service opening hours

Monday 08:30am — 04:30pm
Tuesday 08:30am — 04:30pm
Wednesday 08:30am — 04:30pm
Thursday 08:30am — 04:30pm
Friday 08:30am — 04:30pm
Saturday 08:30am — 11:30am
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Reviews about United States Postal Service

  • Brittani Beaver
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Not impressed with the inconsistent delivery times and one evening I was sitting in my living room, anticipating a package delivery- and they apparently input in their system they "attempted" to deliver at 6 at night but "couldn't find a secure location"...

    I am currently waiting for another package today that has been "out for delivery" since 9:10 am - mail is usually in our boxes by 11:30, lately its been around 1pm... Its currently 3:30 pm and I saw her truck drive by up to the apartments behind us and the ones of too the left but have not seen her drive down our road to deliver mail yet- I haven't paid enough attention to know for certain what her route usually is but I *thought* she usually drove down our road first and then did a u-turn at the oxford st and went back up to whispering woods after us... We'll see if I get my mail today.

    Also leaves notes in our mailboxes about how we need to clear several feet of snow and nice from around our box in the middle of winter- which the towns snowplows are responsible for packing in there... Yeah, lady, my plastic shovel can't do jack for 3 feet of ice that a 2-ton plow pushed in there. Thanks for withholding my mail.... and then "she can't see our mail box in the spring and summer and has driven past it because of the foilage and grass growing there"... That the town is *supposed* to maintain... Its because my mailbox is black, and everyone else's is white, isn't it?

    Sarcasm aside- really not impressed with these postal workers.
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Jobs in United States Postal Service - reviews

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    Where is United States Postal Service?

  • Address: 521 State Street, NY 13619
  • What are United States Postal Service open hours?

  • View opening hours
  • What's the United States Postal Service phone number?

  • Phone number +1 800-275-8777
  • What types of activities?

  • Main work: Establishment   Finance   Post office  
  • What's the United States Postal Service website?

  • The website tools.usps.com

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